Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tourism Commercial

By Reid and Landon F.
Olivia is hard at work on her India commercial.

This week in Mrs. Conway's class we are working on commercials that showcase a country. We all got the option to choose a country of our liking. Our goal was to influence tourism in our country by making commercials, posters, and just having fun!

My favorite part of this project is being able to spend time learning about a country and its culture and how it is different from ours.

Wesley uses YouTube's free audio library.
Mrs Conway gave us an amazing chance to learn new things! The projects are going well; everyone is excited to present. The projects we have seen have been fun and energetic with catchy music, fun photos and videos. The application we are using is iMovie. You can use iMovie for many things - whether its for a project or just for fun. 

Thank you for reading our blog!

Thursday, March 24, 2016


By Arian and Waid

Today's blog is about computer programming. We have been working on this website called Tynker for about two weeks. It teaches you step to step on how computer programming works. We were assigned to do all the lessons so we knew what we were doing. The lessons taught us on what all the blocks do. You put the blocks together to code your actor; that makes it move. After the lessons Tynker would let you make your own project and that's what we did. Everyone was assigned to make their own troll game and three days later we presented them

Friday, February 12, 2016

3D Printing

By Banks and Trey

We recently got a 3D Printer at Lee-Scott Academy. This week we are designing things that we could print that would benefit our everyday life. We researched 3D printing and found that people are printing cars and houses. We also found that they are printing prosthetic limbs and more!

Some things our classmates have designed and are printing are the Doggy Snack Pack, The Sassy Storage, A Pencil Pouch, and a Trumpet mouthpiece. We designed them in TinkerCad. TinkerCad is a website where you can design anything you want. TinkerCad has many different shapes and sizes. Some features of TinkerCad are the zoom and rotate tool. When you can rotate around your object, you get to get a feel of what it looks like. Once we finished we emailed them to Mrs. Conway where she looks over it and if she accepts it she sends it to the 3D printer where it gets printed. The size of your object will decide how long it takes to print. Some people are having to print theirs in pieces. 

Luke and Peyton used TinkerCad to design a pencil holder with caps.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

60 Second Recaps - 5th Period

By Reid and Wesley

This week, in computer class, we had tons of fun making 60 second recaps of a book or movie of our choice. A 60 second recap is a quick summary of a book or movie that we enjoy. First, you pick a movie or book that you would like to do. Next, you choose if you would like to use drawn animation, stop motion pictures, videos that you filmed for your book or movie, or pictures for your recap. There was a wide variety of apps that students in our class used. Some examples are... iMovie, Imotion, Doink, and Stop Motion. After you finished grouping together the short videos or pictures for your video, you add voiceover.

Your voiceover for the 60 Second Recap should briefly describe your book or movie. It should also give the people watching the recap an idea of what your book or movie is about. Make sure that your 60 Second Recap looks smooth; also listen to your voiceover to make sure it is not choppy. Once you are comfortable with your video, get a couple of people in your class to watch it. If there is nothing that you need to fix your 60 Second Recap is completed, and you can enjoy watching it with your own class!

Frozen in 60 seconds, by Reid

Monday, January 25, 2016

60 Second Recaps

By Jack D. 

Have you ever wanted to tell someone about a book or movie, but you only had 60 seconds? You probably haven't, but our newest project in computer class is making a 60 second recap of our favorite book or movie. 

I think that this project will really help us in the future, when we need to make a video in a specific time. I hope that my fellow students understand the importance of this newfound skill. Below are some pictures of our class working as well as mine and Maggie Wood's 60 second recaps. Enjoy!

Pitch Perfect in 60 Seconds, by Maggie W.

Revenge of the Sith in 60 seconds, by Jack D.

Friday, January 15, 2016


By Chris and Mason

This week for Mrs. Conway's class we have to do a 60 second movie or book recap. We could use whatever app we wanted to make the movie but one of the choices was Superimpose. It is a really cool app that you can put something in a different background and can mask images. We were assigned to put a animal head on your face and put a background behind you. It was really neat that you can do that. It is a really good app and I would recommend downloading.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Superimpose with Ford F.

By: Jeeweon and Andie

Ford did his presentation on the app called Superimpose. He explained how to edit pictures. He showed us how to put a head on someone else's body. He put a famous basketball player's head on a famous football player's body. This app is useful for making our 60 second recap project for Mrs. Conway's class. It can also be useful in art classes.

Here are some examples of student work: