Friday, September 25, 2015

Adobe Slate

By Catherine and Emma

If you need an app to make a personal digital magazine, Adobe Slate is your best bet. This utility allows you to make your own document with personalized media and fancy features. Adobe Slate, as the name explains, is where you can make a board of pictures with scrolling features and automatic picture glide-shows. Want to see how all that can be done?

When you create a new story, it takes you to a blank template, which is where your creativity kicksin. You can change the font of the title and subtitle on the cover and add pictures by pressing the plus button and searching for the image. This app also goes ahead and puts the copyright link at the bottom, which is an easier way to ensure you don't plagiarize and use the image fairly. Pretty handy, don't you think?

Another enhancement is the way you can arrange your media, and there are two methods to do so. The first option is to make a photo grid, where you can arrange photos in a grid to conserve the space that is needed to add all the media on the slate. This feature allows you to move around the photos and be able to add all the images that support your topic in an easier visualization. The second option is to do the old picture slideshow, but this isn't the style where you switch out the pictures in an old camera. By adding photos and switching the order to your liking, your result is a scroll-through glide-show with automatic transitions to give your project a neater look. A picture is worth a thousand words, so use these tools to express them even more!

This is a quick video we made using QuickTimePlayer to make a screencast, which you can learn how to do by reading another post on this blog. Hopefully, this will help visual learners to be able to use this wonderful and useful app.

Whether you need a quick format to create a simple yet eye-catching presentation or want to make a project to inform, persuade, or just entertain, Adobe Slate will have your back in any project you want to create. Just remember: your creativity can take you anywhere, so take this opportunity to make something awesome!

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  1. Hi, Catherine and Emma! My name is Jesslyn and I'm from Ms. Chen's class. I loved how this post flowed superbly. I think it is very helpful when the app automatically puts the copyright link on the bottom to avoid plagiarism. Also, thanks Catherine for commenting on my blog!