Thursday, September 10, 2015

Google Slides

By: Lauren and Margaret

In many cases this app is very useful. Google Slides is a great app that we have already used in science, technology, and history class, and will most likely use  in even more classes throughout the year! 

In technology, everyone in the class made an acrostic with their name. Everyone created their own slide all at once and presented it to the class. This way our classmates got to learn more about each other! 

One way you can benefit from this app is fairly simple. Google Slides is powered by Google. Therefore,  you will need to log in to your LSA or other preferred Google account. After you have successfully logged in your teacher, or the leader of the group can add all of the members that need to be included in the presentation. Another way to use Google Slides, is if you are assigned a project with a partner, you can share it with one another. This way you can both work on it on separate devices. We believe Google Slides may be a better option from Keynote. 

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