Friday, September 18, 2015


By: Mary Helen M. and Joshua L.

Have you ever had a group of dates that you need to study and whatever you do to try just doesn't work? Or maybe you need to introduce yourself to a group of people and can't find a practical way to do it! Finally all your problem are solved with Timeline JS!
In Mrs. Conway's 7th grade computer class, we have been learning how to use timelines, both at school and in our daily lives. We used both Google Sheets and the website Timeline JS for this project, and it has broadened our horizons of what we can do on our iPads. We added our dates and information in Sheets, then Timeline JS turned this data into a multimedia presentation. The timeline is very useful because this can help students sort out information to see cause and effect in history. It can also easily lay out dates for visual learners, or be an effective tool in introducing yourself to a group of people.

This image shows a student laying out their information in Google Sheets. Each row represents a different event, and each column has a different space for you to add more information to make your timeline even more detailed. 

If we were studying the Age of Exploration in the New World, than a timeline would be useful to see what countries got there first, and how different events affected each other. Also, if we were making a list of what we have done in a school year, it would be much simpler to make a timeline of what we have done This way, you could visually see what happened, and maybe add some pictures for effect.
This timeline is an example of what you could do using these programs. This subject of this presentation was the events leading up to the American Revolution, but different facts can replace the ones here. You can choose different fonts, whether or not you want it to play in chronological order or reverse chronological order. You can also choose what slide it starts on. This helpful program can help you study for many different classes, which could make the difference between and 'A' and a 'B'!

You can find the websites we used here:

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