Friday, October 30, 2015

5th Period Genius Hour Presentations

By: Reid H.

Genius hour is something we do in class where we get an hour to research on whatever topic we want to research about. The next day we get an hour to make a presentation about the topic we picked. And the next day we get to present our presentation that we created. I watched everyone's presentation and wrote about each one. This is basically what they said in their presentation and what I liked about each one.

Cam did his presentation on string art. First he told about the history of string art. He then told some interesting facts. He asked us a question about it to make sure we were paying attention. And lastly he showed us how to make a string art. I liked how Cam provided a quick question and an example of some string art.

Andie and Allie did their presentation on birthmarks. First they told the causes of birthmarks. Then they told how you can treat a birthmark. They went deeper into each type birthmarks and told about them. They also told what some dermatologists said about birthmarks. I like how they related to it.

They did their presentation on hurricanes. They first told how hurricanes are formed. Next they told how they are tracked. They also told where hurricanes occur the most. Then they told about the destruction hurricanes can make. Lastly they told some fun facts. I like how they had a demonstration on how hurricanes are formed.

Wilks and Jagger did their presentation on football head injuries. First off they talked about what concussions are and how they happen. They talked about younger kids' brains and their maturity after that. They then talked about CTE and how it is caused. They also showed a video of football players being hit. And, they showed videos of them interviewing different coaches about concussions. I like how they included interviews of the coaches. They also included another presentation of the evolution of helmets. They also talked about a man named Walter Camp. Next they talked about the material of helmets compared to now. They showed pictures of old helmets compared to now. And lastly they showed a helmet that we use now for Lee-Scott and how it's padded and protective.

Jeeweon and Sydney did their presentation on melanin. First they told what it was. Next they went into detail of each kind of melanin. They also told about the benefits of melanin and the bad effects. I think they both did a good job projecting their voices in the presentation.

Arian and Landon did their presentation on Apple Inc. They first talked about what Apple is and the history of Apple. Next they talked about the employees for Apple. Then they gave an interesting fact. The fact was that Apple always takes a picture of their phones at 9:41 A.M. because that was when the first phone was created. I thought that was very interesting. They then told more about the history of the phone. I like how they had a visual of the iPhones during the presentation and I like their fact.

Davis and Ford did their presentation on iPads and how they work. They first told about what an iPad is. Next they told about iPads internet connectivity. After that they told about how the battery works. Then they told about the motion sensitivity.

Kendal and I were the last to present. We talked about what "hanger" is and why some people get angry when they are hungry. Mrs. Conway said that she liked the way we talked about how, in historical times, people who were fighting for their lives needed extra aggression. So if they were hungry, the anger that went along with it would let them be more successful in battles. We gave out Snickers bars after our presentation, but Mrs. Conway wouldn't let people have them until class was over.

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