Thursday, October 15, 2015

Are You a Different Person Online Than in the Real World?

By: Wesley W. and Wilks F.

       We have been invited to write a blog for the 2015 Student Blogging Challenge. The blogging challenge is to connect student bloggers with a global audience while supporting teachers with their classroom blog. 

      Are you a different person online, compared to who you are in the real world? Many people are, and want to keep it that way. We interviewed a few people that go to our school to see what they had to say. Abbie the first person that we interviewed. She said no, she is not a different person online than in person. Abbie says that you should be yourself online, because people can get to know a fake you.

Maggie W. also says she is not different online, but she thinks too many people care more about who they are online than offline. Maggie thinks that people use the internet as a shield to close them off from the real world.

We also interviewed Lauren S. Lauren says she is not a different person online, but that people are too critical of others when they are online. This causes them to become different while they are on Instagram, Facebook, or just texting.

Almost everyone who we interviewed is not different online, but have strong opinions on why people might be different. Most people who are different online are much more popular, and have many more "friends," such as on Instagram. Some people edit photos to make them look prettier, others try to appear smarter than they are in person. All of these examples we got from the people that we interviewed. 

Online there are many reasons to become a different person. Many people are very judgmental and can be extremely mean online. To resolve this some people change themselves to meet another person's criteria. The people who said no in our interviews strongly disagree with this idea. Many people change themselves online because they want to be accepted. Another reason is wanting to be just like someone. Most people have someone that they look up to and try to be just like them, even if they have made terrible decisions. Others want their outside appearance to be perfect. For example, when they see people on magazines they compare themselves to them which leads to the same thing over and over again. You should always be proud of who you are and therefore not give people the wrong impression online. In conclusion we think that you should always stick to being you! 

Everyone who we interviewed are our friends, and we would know if they were different than themselves online.if they were different online compared to who we know it would not be the same. If we met them online we would not really know them, and if they told us one thing in person but posted it extremely different on Instagram we would probably feel lied to or ignored. 

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  1. G'day Wesley and Wilks,
    What a great post! Interviewing classmates for their opinions then also giving reasons why people might be different online.

    Personally I feel you should be the same both online and in real life. I wonder if your teachers are the same online and offline?