Friday, October 16, 2015

Genius Hour

By Kendal H. and Olivia D.

Genius Hour gives all students the ability to explore and learn about their passion. When you do a Genius Hour project you research for an hour, and make a presentation or a model for an hour. The presentation or model you made will be used to show what you did your research on. Genius Hour also gives students the ability to choose what they want to spend their class time researching, and what they want to make their presentation or model on. With Genius Hour, children have the opportunity to learn about new things, and even make new discoveries. Genius Hour makes students feel like they actually have a say in what they're learning about.

This is the process that you would go through for Genius Hour. First, you ascertain an idea that you are interested in. Then, you research for an allotted amount of time that your teacher gives to you. Third, you make a presentation or model on what you have researched. This will also be given an allotted amount of time. Finally, you will present your presentation or model, and teach about your chosen topic to the rest of the class.

There have been many discoveries made with Genius Hour. One is when fourth grader Liam made a discovery by putting brackish water and seaweed in a fish tank. This was an experiment that Liam fabricated with no help. Using a magnifying glass, Liam connected a speaker to his iPad, and he placed it against the tank. Then he plays music. He was trying to ascertain if the baby grass shrimp react to different music sounds. His question was, “Are they smart enough to know the difference between upbeat and low beat music?” As you can see, with Genius Hour, children can discover anything.

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