Sunday, October 11, 2015

Live Pilgrim Show with Learn Around the World

By: Claire and Maddy

On October 1, Mrs. Conway's Seventh Grade Technology Classes contributed to an online program. This program is called GeoShow and is part of the Learn Around the World group. With it, we were able to talk to a group of people. The seventh grade was able to stay in Mrs. Conway's class while she projected an interview with them. They were able to see us, and we were able to see them. We were also able to use a website called PearDeck that, with the code, allowed us to send in answers for questions that they asked us. Many other school classes were in this conversation online, but we were the only live class. 

Seventh grade is watching the live footage of the group.
This online group travels around the world to get information from certain places. In this episode, they went to Plymouth, Massachusetts, in the United States of America. They went there to teach about the Pilgrims that landed there hundreds of years ago. We learned a lot about the Pilgrims during this activity. Some main points were the Mayflower, living as a Pilgrim, and Thanksgiving. The activity was very interesting, and it worked well.


     Our classes hopes to be contributing to these videos several more times. In the end, this unique opportunity for a live interview was exciting, interesting, and educational. 

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