Sunday, October 11, 2015

Teaching Adobe Slate to 10th Graders

By: Peyton and Kelsi

As a project for Mrs. Conway, we taught tenth graders how to use Adobe Slate. First, we had them Download the app. Then, we signed them up. Once we signed them up, we had them press the button "Create a new story" so that they could make their own story. Once they pressed the button and they were in a new story we told them how to make a title slide, and then we told them how to slide down and create more slides and add pictures to the slides. Once we taught them how to create a story, they made their own. When every tenth grader knew how to create and publish or post their story we shared our stories and told how we made them. 

If you were to use this app, you would probably use it when you have to do a presentation about a certain subject that has a very wide variety of  details. If you have a computer class at your school you should consider using this app more often. It is a very simple and fun app to use. 

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