Monday, November 23, 2015

Video Production

By Landon Veleke

This week in Mrs. Conway's class we learned about video production. She explained all of the types of shots. The main shots are Medium, Tight, and Wide. Our first experiences with the type of camera we all had were shaky. Nobody knew what the buttons did.

After we had a "quiz," which we did together, we understood nearly everything. Mr. Oliver came in and explained the buttons, as well. Mrs. Conway then sent all the table groups on a video scavenger hunt. This made us more comfortable with the use of the cameras. We're all having fun shooting our short films. Hopefully we will be able to have even more fun using the cameras in the future!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

6th Period Genius Hour Presentations

By Kristin B.

Claire hosts a Family Feud game
she created in Keynote.
Genius Hour is an activity where all of us pick a topic that we would like to learn more about and do research on it for the whole class period (50 minutes). We do get graded on how hard we work and focus while doing research. So you don't want to distract others or you won't get a good grade. Later, we had to make a presentation on our iPads. You also get graded on how hard you work. It's pretty much the same as doing research. Don't distract others and work hard.

James and Mason share what they learned about
cutting a watermelon with a rubber band.
I've seen some really good topics, like how to cut open a watermelon with rubber bands, the Mandela effect, and how to make a game show on keynote. Although the reason I liked them a lot was actually not the topic, but the way everybody presented and how good they did. Everyone seemed really interested in their topic and did a great job. Nobody seemed to dislike their topic.
Georgia teaches us about the Mandela effect.

Teachers, I would highly recommend this for your students if you need some project ideas.Try it, and ask them if they liked it or not. I know I really liked doing this, and my classmates said they had a lot of fun also. I'd love to know how much your students liked it!
I talked about the Space Race between
the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

Monday, November 2, 2015

4th Period Genius Hour Presentations

By: Jonathon Cochran

This project, we were to do a Genius Hour project. First, we get to choose our topic. Then, we have one class period to research about our topic, one class period to create a project, and one or two class periods to present everyone's project or presentation. Research Day and Create Day went well and I was very excited to see what everybody did their Genius Hour projects on. It seemed like everyone was working very hard on those two days and had good information to share with the class. 

Grant shared how various musical features create specific moods.
On the first presentation day, there were some technical difficulties at first, but after it went great. There were many unique topics that were presented today. Presentations included topics such as a one way trip to Mars, why people dream, how to bake a cookie in just a mug, how blood types affect your personality, the NBA, musical emotions, programming, the science of happiness, effects of chewing gum, World War Two, Google, and motherboards. 

Conrad taught us about coding, and even demonstrated it live!
Many presentation tools were used, as well. Some included Keynote, Adobe Slate, Haiku Deck, YouTube, music, Toontastic, Powtoon, ThingLink, Canva, and food for the class to eat. 
Peyton talked about how to use Google Apps.

Overall, I really enjoyed Genius Hour. I learned a lot and I think the whole class did, too.