Monday, November 2, 2015

4th Period Genius Hour Presentations

By: Jonathon Cochran

This project, we were to do a Genius Hour project. First, we get to choose our topic. Then, we have one class period to research about our topic, one class period to create a project, and one or two class periods to present everyone's project or presentation. Research Day and Create Day went well and I was very excited to see what everybody did their Genius Hour projects on. It seemed like everyone was working very hard on those two days and had good information to share with the class. 

Grant shared how various musical features create specific moods.
On the first presentation day, there were some technical difficulties at first, but after it went great. There were many unique topics that were presented today. Presentations included topics such as a one way trip to Mars, why people dream, how to bake a cookie in just a mug, how blood types affect your personality, the NBA, musical emotions, programming, the science of happiness, effects of chewing gum, World War Two, Google, and motherboards. 

Conrad taught us about coding, and even demonstrated it live!
Many presentation tools were used, as well. Some included Keynote, Adobe Slate, Haiku Deck, YouTube, music, Toontastic, Powtoon, ThingLink, Canva, and food for the class to eat. 
Peyton talked about how to use Google Apps.

Overall, I really enjoyed Genius Hour. I learned a lot and I think the whole class did, too.

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