Monday, November 23, 2015

Video Production

By Landon Veleke

This week in Mrs. Conway's class we learned about video production. She explained all of the types of shots. The main shots are Medium, Tight, and Wide. Our first experiences with the type of camera we all had were shaky. Nobody knew what the buttons did.

After we had a "quiz," which we did together, we understood nearly everything. Mr. Oliver came in and explained the buttons, as well. Mrs. Conway then sent all the table groups on a video scavenger hunt. This made us more comfortable with the use of the cameras. We're all having fun shooting our short films. Hopefully we will be able to have even more fun using the cameras in the future!


  1. Hi, Amy. Your post was very refreshing to hear, considering that not many teachers use hands-on education as a method for teaching. It puts my hopes back into perspective that one day students will be able to have hands-on education for anything educational.


  2. That is really cool. Its very important to get the right angle for the right shot to make sure it turns out well. I personally don't use cameras I use my phone because its always with me.