Tuesday, January 26, 2016

60 Second Recaps - 5th Period

By Reid and Wesley

This week, in computer class, we had tons of fun making 60 second recaps of a book or movie of our choice. A 60 second recap is a quick summary of a book or movie that we enjoy. First, you pick a movie or book that you would like to do. Next, you choose if you would like to use drawn animation, stop motion pictures, videos that you filmed for your book or movie, or pictures for your recap. There was a wide variety of apps that students in our class used. Some examples are... iMovie, Imotion, Doink, and Stop Motion. After you finished grouping together the short videos or pictures for your video, you add voiceover.

Your voiceover for the 60 Second Recap should briefly describe your book or movie. It should also give the people watching the recap an idea of what your book or movie is about. Make sure that your 60 Second Recap looks smooth; also listen to your voiceover to make sure it is not choppy. Once you are comfortable with your video, get a couple of people in your class to watch it. If there is nothing that you need to fix your 60 Second Recap is completed, and you can enjoy watching it with your own class!

Frozen in 60 seconds, by Reid

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