Friday, February 12, 2016

3D Printing

By Banks and Trey

We recently got a 3D Printer at Lee-Scott Academy. This week we are designing things that we could print that would benefit our everyday life. We researched 3D printing and found that people are printing cars and houses. We also found that they are printing prosthetic limbs and more!

Some things our classmates have designed and are printing are the Doggy Snack Pack, The Sassy Storage, A Pencil Pouch, and a Trumpet mouthpiece. We designed them in TinkerCad. TinkerCad is a website where you can design anything you want. TinkerCad has many different shapes and sizes. Some features of TinkerCad are the zoom and rotate tool. When you can rotate around your object, you get to get a feel of what it looks like. Once we finished we emailed them to Mrs. Conway where she looks over it and if she accepts it she sends it to the 3D printer where it gets printed. The size of your object will decide how long it takes to print. Some people are having to print theirs in pieces. 

Luke and Peyton used TinkerCad to design a pencil holder with caps.

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