Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tourism Commercial

By Reid and Landon F.
Olivia is hard at work on her India commercial.

This week in Mrs. Conway's class we are working on commercials that showcase a country. We all got the option to choose a country of our liking. Our goal was to influence tourism in our country by making commercials, posters, and just having fun!

My favorite part of this project is being able to spend time learning about a country and its culture and how it is different from ours.

Wesley uses YouTube's free audio library.
Mrs Conway gave us an amazing chance to learn new things! The projects are going well; everyone is excited to present. The projects we have seen have been fun and energetic with catchy music, fun photos and videos. The application we are using is iMovie. You can use iMovie for many things - whether its for a project or just for fun. 

Thank you for reading our blog!

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